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XIII SBBN Congress 4-8/10/2021 virtual

The Organizing Committee of the XIII BRAZILIAN SOCIETY ON NUCLEAR BIOSCIENCES CONGRESS 2021 invites you to partner with us in organizing this event, which will be held in parallel with the 20th Congress of the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB), the 45th Annual Brazilian Society of Biophysics Meeting, and the 50th Annual Brazilian Society of Biochemistry Meeting, during 4th-8th of October 2021, in a 3D virtual platform format.
The SBBN Congress will be an excellent opportunity for participants to share information among the international scientific community aiming to promote new collaborations at research and technical projects in health, environmental and radiological safety, in a transdisciplinary approach.

Congress objectives:
a) Presenting research with radioisotopes produced in particles accelerators or nuclear reactors and radiopharmaceuticals for inflammation, cancer, and neurological diseases.
b) Presenting biotechnology innovations for molecular imaging, radiation therapy, and theranostics, as well as preclinical and clinical studies.
c) Comparing the Radiation Biology models and the cancer epidemiology surveys results for discussing the new paradigms for occupational and patients exposures.
d) Presenting methodologies with radioisotopes used for environmental control, water quality, and pollution control.
e) Discussing the society risk perception (nuclear, radiological, sanitary, and environmental) with the available regulatory infrastructure, and scientific diffusion, proposing alternatives according to the scientific state of the art.