David Stout

Preclinical Imaging Technology Center Director and Full professor of University of California Los Angeles, USA. University of California at Los Angeles. Ph.D. in Biomedical Physics.

PATENTS: Method and apparatus for animal positioning in imaging systems; PETbox: A desktop mouse PET scanner(2009); Mouse Cage redesign (provisional patent 2013); Mouse Imaging chamber (invention report 2013)

BOOK CHAPTERS: Animal Handling and Preparation For Imaging. Editor Habib Zaidi, Elsevier Press (2009); How to set up a small animal imaging unit. Editor Bernd Pichler, Springer (2009); Education of staff and personnel for imaging centers. Editor Bernd Pichler, Springer (2009); Imaging Sciences in Advanced Drug Development; Animal Models, Handling & Physiologic Constraints. Springer (2012)

JOURNAL REVIEWS: Journal of Nuclear Medicine; Molecular Imaging and Biology; American Association of Physicists in Medicine; Medical Physics; IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science; Physics in Medicine and Biology

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