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About Us

The Brazilian Society of Nuclear Biosciences (SBBN) is a scientific non-profit civil organization, aimed to enhance and straighten scientific cooperation among students, professors, researchers and other professionals involved in scientific and technological activities related to the use of natural and artificial sources of radiation in Biosciences.

The SBBN is associated to the Federation of Experimental Biology Societies (FESBE). The SBBN accepts members with various specialties, like biologists, biophysicians, physicians, physicists, engineers, pharmacists, physiotherapists, chemists, among other professionals dedicated to basic and applied research, technological and clinic studies for therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, in a multi and interdisciplinary perspective.

 Silvia Maria Velasques de Oliveira  President
 Adenilson de Sousa da Fonseca  Vice-President
Valbert Nascimento Cardoso  Scientific Director
 Priscilla Brunelli Pujatti  Events Director
 Luciene das Graças Mota  1st  Secretary
 Rodrigo Gadelha Gontijo  2nd  Secretary

The Brazilian Society of Nuclear Biosciences – SBBN was founded in 1996, having among its members undergraduate students, researchers and professionals of several public and private institutions from Brazil and abroad.

SBBN was created by a group of professionals whose activities were associated to the use of sources of radiations in Biosciences. Since its foundation, the organization of periodic scientific meetings was defined as one of the main actions of the SBBN.

1997 – The SBBN first Meeting hapenned at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Topics: Teaching and Quality in Nuclear Biosciences, Medical Physics, In Vivo and In Vitro diagnostic methods, Photobiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiological Protection, Radiobiology, Radiopharmacy and Toxicology.

1988 – The SBBN II Meeting happened in the city of Recife, Pernambuco state. 2001 – The III Meeting of the SBBN was realized in 2001, in the city of Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul state, with the participation of several researchers from other countries.

2002 – The SBBN international conference entitled Advances in Nuclear Medicine and in Radiopharmaceuticals in the city of Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro state.

2003 – The SBBN IV Meeting was held in the city of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte.

2005 – The V Meeting of the SBBN and the I Hispano-Brazilian Scientific Meeting occurred simultaneously in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais state. That event highlighted the researches, which indicated the new trends in radiopharmacy, applications in nuclear medicine, dosimetry and nanobiotechnology. Such topics were revisited in 2008, during the VI Congress of the SBBN, in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro state. 2012 – The VII International Congress of SBBN occurred in the city of Recife, Pernambuco state, with the theme: “Radiations in Biosciences: Advances and Perspectives”.

Currently, besides the periodic meetings, SBBN has enhanced its participation in the scientific community, by motivating the participation of researchers from Brazil and other countries and trying to become a permanent forum of scientific networking, not only for its members but also for those involved in activities related to research, development and innovation in Biosciences.

Silvia Maria Velasques de Oliveira Nowadays
Ademir Amaral 2008-2012
Mario Bernardo-Filho 2008
Francisco  Braga 2005-2007
Valbert Cardoso 2003-2005
Roberto Jales 2001-2003
Eloy Garcia 1999-2001
Mario Bernardo-Filho 1996-1999
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