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International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine: Achieving Change in Practice

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11/12/2017 - 15/12/2017
All Day

International Atomic Energy Agency

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The conference is directed at a wide audience with an interest in radiation protection in medicine. In particular:

* Health professionals, e.g. physicians practising in radiological imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy; referring medical practitioners.
* Medical physicists, radiographers and technologists; radiation protection professionals and engineers.
* Healthcare managers, health economists and risk communication experts.
* Representatives of patient organizations and manufacturers; health researchers and academics.
* Representatives of health authorities and regulatory authorities with a special responsibility in this field.

List of Topics
The IAEA welcomes high quality contributions in all aspects of radiation protection in medicine. Both academic and practice-based papers under the umbrella of the following subjects of the topical sessions and round table discussions are welcomed:

1. Activities relating to the Bonn Call for Action, and their impact.
2. Justification in the use of radiation in medicine.
3. Radiation protection of patients and staff in diagnostic radiography, fluoroscopy and computed tomography.
4. Radiation protection in mammography, dental and maxillofacial imaging and other diagnostic modalities.
5. Radiation protection of patients and staff in interventional procedures.
6. Radiation protection in medical exposures of children and pregnant women.
7. Radiation protection of patients and staff in radiotherapy including brachytherapy.
8. Learning from unintended and accidental exposures in medicine.
9. Radiation protection of patients, staff and the public in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine and hybrid imaging.
10. How are we strengthening radiation safety culture in healthcare?
11. How are we fostering and improving the radiation benefit/risk dialogue?
12. How are we meeting radiation protection challenges in design and implementation of new medical technologies?
13. How are we meeting challenges in patient dose recording, tracking and data management?
14. Regional radiation safety campaigns.
15. Topics for future research and development in medical radiation protection.